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Package Status! Plus Icons.

My plush tanuki volunteered graciously to be my poster child. Woot!


Thank you candycafe, ravestars85, and skysailing! I was happy!

Okay so, I'm not going to do this now, since I'm a bit busy. but I wanted to see if there's any interest in $1.50 icons of any Pokemon. These are from over a year ago, so I've improved (see my DA if you want to?), but this is just an example. I'm happy to say I could take requests for variations and whatnot easily. They'd have a single pixel black outline, or on one with a light background, a more suitable color the the color scheme of it. I know they're not really awesome looking, but I wondered if anyone would want "cute" designs of any Pokemon they liked.


I'm also beginning to learn to animate, I put together the icon I'm using at the moment but I didn't draw those frames (obviously). But I could totally slideshow, and do blinks or waves or whatnot. You know, simple animation. That would be for a bit more of course, since it takes longer.

Lastly, I still have lots of reverse holos here.
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