Jilly (jillllly) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Center Oshawott + new here

Hey, I'm new here and I'm looking for the Pokemon Center Oshawott.

The ones at sunyshore are sold out apparently and I'd feel more comfortable buying from the community than Chinese / Japanese sellers on eBay.

Also, can anyone identify this Starly for me? I cant find him on PokePlushProject.
He is on eBay for eight dollars from Hong Kong. eBay item title is: POKEMON STARLY POKE DOLL SOFT PLUSH Stuffed Toys 4" If anyone has him for sale I might be interested. :>

My name isn't really Jilly and I'm 15 years old.

I've an embarrassing 'collection' of Pokemon merch. ):
Not worth photographs, seriously.

A massive majority of what little I have are from when I was six or seven years old. I've purchased one plush since then. >>
Many things have been lost over the past ~eight years and seven or eight moves across the United States.

I've three small plushes: a Meowth Treat Keeper that's in pretty bad condition, a Pikachu keychain and a applause Psyduck that are in relatively good condition.
Four figurines. Tomy Blastoise and Growlithe and ? Pikachu (very worn) and Weezing (detached from it's base). and a Diglett top.
I've also got a Snubbull figure somewhere..

Nine VHS', seven from the original series. Two movies, Mewtwo vs Mew and Pokemon 2000. If anyone is interested in these, I could take photographs and put them up for sale. After I get permission, of course. These are not in collectible condition.. Pikachu Party seems okay, though.

The only pokemon plush I've bought in ~eight years is a Croagunk plush that talks if you squeeze it's hand. I don't like Croagunk much, but I'm happy that I have pokemon, haha.
I actually have a Starly pencil case plush, but it's not with me per se..

Embarrassing, right? ;O;
I'm insane about Pokemon, really. Though you cant really tell by looking.. xD;

But that's why I'm here, right? I've got money to spend on the stuff I enjoy most. (:

ahhh HAPPY NEW YEAR, GUYS! 12:00 AM for me. (:
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