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Mini Collection Update + Contest Entry

 Hi guys, Happy New Year (and a late Happy Christmas!)

It was my Birthday a couple of days ago and I got a few new things so it's time for a mini update!

My Pokedoll(ish) shelf~ sometimes I print art off I love and stick it everywhere so that super cute misseltoe kiss on the left belongs to [info]cafe_de_labeill 

Snivy is my new Pokedoll from my dad ^^ Thank you Sunyshore :D

He also got me Oshawatt <3 So adorable!

A beautiful commission from tagl on deviantART. It's my OC Pink with Silver.

Welcome to Pink Land :D Tabunne is my favourite 5th gen (and my 2nd fav Poke ever, after Flaaffy <3) I love Pink Pokemon <33 

Close up! Haha Merlin is a bit random, sorry ;^; 

3 new plush! I love my Tabunne, her name is Angel cake~

Not a lot of new stuff here, my Groudon collecting has kinda stopped. But Chiramii is new!

Chikorita and Minun are new collections. By the way are there any Junjou Romantica fans on this comm? It's my favourite anime/manga ever ^__^

Suicune has grown a bit! 

New kids! And dust!

Aah dust! I need to clean!

New plush from MCM Expo in October~

I also got a super cute Tabunne hat for my birthday :D Now I want to cosplay as her~ ;^;

Well that's it for my mini update~ 

Also, here is my late entry for the Christmas contest. I hope you like it!

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