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Quick Sales + Auction!

I need to get a few things out out out while I work on rebuilding my permanent sales post. Pluuuus I need to start saving for a few things.

Sorry in advance for cruddy pictures!

- I ship from New York, USA. I am willing to ship internationally.
- Items do not include shipping princes unless stated otherwise.
- My feedback can be found here.
- I can be a bit of a slow shipper at times, but I can guarantee that your items will get to you as soon as I can get them out.
- I no longer take holds. Haggling is acceptable. I likely will not trade unless you have something I really want from here.
- Paypal payments only! Sorry.
- I do not have a scale so I typically guess on the shipping. If I am grossly off, please let me know and I will refund you the difference.

Salamence Banpresto UFO Plush - NWT
$30 shipped OBO

Large Houndour TOMY
$10 (a bit scuffed, no tag)
Mew and Mewtwo BK toys
$4 each. no longer light up.
Entei TOMY
Anything pictured but not listed has been sold.

Pikachu Cosplay Backpack - NWT
It's meant to look like he is riding on your back!
$40 shipped OBO

TOMY Marill/Pikachu Plush - NWT

There are around 40 items in this bag, mainly TOMY and kids. There are also Jakks, Hasbro, Burger King toys, what I have left of my dogtags, etc. More has been added since taking this picture. Some items are damaged, missing parts, or scuffed, although nothing is too terrible.
There are three small bootlegs. Other than that, everything is official. I can remove them if you'd prefer. I just want them gone.
$40 shipped OBO. Very much willing to haggle on it since I want these out of my life lmfao

I am not sure how rare this actually is, but I know that Mew and Eevee are both popular, so I'm putting it up for auction. I have two.

This is a small moving scene keychain. I'm not sure if they have a different name, but I remember keychains like this with animals in them being popular in the 90's. For some reason, Eevee and Mew are chilling and dance around when you wind up the knob on the bottom.

Auction ends January 6 @ 8 PM EST

I am making a post office trip on Monday. After that, I won't be able to get to the P.O. until after Thursday.

A note: Please let me know if something you have purchased from me prior to this has not been received. ;w; Some I sent a while back was lost in the mail and I am a bit paranoid!
Tags: eevee, houndour, mew, mewtwo, mudkip, pachirisu, salamence, sales, sandslash
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