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Small GA Starts Now! (and first sales post is coming soon)

Hi guys, I recently received sales permission on December 30, 2010 by denkimouse and I wanted to start things off with a small GA. The reason I am running this is to get me used to the system, the whole cost isn't too much to handle and overall it is easy to deal with. I do plan to do bigger GA's but this is practice for me and so you can get cool stuff!

Please be supportive of my auction and be patient with me. I will greatly appreciate advice, suggestions or if you think I'm doing something completely wrong, please don't hesitate to tell me. I want to become a great known sales person here in the community. Also, I will be posting my sales thread soon! Please support and look at that as well when It comes out. And with no further ado to the GA~


I know this is small but again here we have four canvas plushies and for extra practice I won't be claiming anything.

-This will last 3 days and will end on January 3 6:00pm Hawaii Time , no sniping
-Ending bid prices do not include shipping, shipping will be calculated after the auction is over and your zip codes have been given
- At the end of the auction, I will post a paying reminder saying when payments are due. There will be two payments. One to get the stuff and the other for shipping. (more details when the auction ends)
-Prices are in USD
-No retracting bids, don't bid and not pay
-Bid in minimum increments of 1$

Drifloon- Rivalsacha $11
Buizel- Schenzi $12
Starly- jilllll $10
Cherrim- Schenzi $30

Real totals will be released after shipping etc. is totaled. *well after the item comes in for shipping weight

Tags: buizel, cherrim, drifloon, group auction, plush, starly
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