doldolpang (doldolpang) wrote in pkmncollectors,

collection update ~ grass snake family XD

Hi! I hope everyone enjoyed the holydays!!
I recently received some awesome snakes+other stuff in time for new years so here's a collection update!
(If you sold something to me, please give me a shout so that we could share some feedbacks:)


sorry for the totally eye tiring RED background....they had hard times standing up and needed something to lean on where I convineiently used my RED chair that was right next to me.....derp....:Q....

some close-ups for his loyalty! He feels very uncomfortable in the derpy chair....

seriously, jalorda pokecen plush is one of the best plushes I've seen...the details are just amazing and look at his tiny useless hands!!(or is that even a hand? :/) He's just so...gorgeous XD

sideview plus an ugly hand :) + THOSE BUNNY EARS!!

catch those criminals!!

snakes invading my computer....X/

A wild snake appeared!


a cynda and dialga i got from awesome blackfruitbat
cynda just fits in your hands X)
Thankyou so much for doing the pickups!!!(leave me a comment so we can trade feedbacks!!)

now for some kids and extras~

these are mostly my brother's collection, but I got most of them from the kind members of the comm!!

thankyou kriscarmi, emi_takarai, jeansama, and kawaiikes for being such awesome sellers!!

(leave me a comment so we can trade feedbacks!!)

Hope you enjoyed this! :)
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