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A Shiny Zard Appeared

To celebrate the beginnings of the New Year I bring the community something special... My first custom plush and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I will be putting this plush up for auction so click on the cut to find out more!


Turn about for the charizard


Charizard is based on the UFO and has been made out three different materials

Polar fleece - Black
Minky - Cream (tummy, under-tail and foot pads) & maroon
Felt - White (Eyes, teeth, toes and fingers)

Tail has been created from red and yellow feathers.

Fully hand sewn.

The eye details have been painted.

All prices are in $US and does not include shipping or fees.
Auction will be starting at $40 with minimum bid increases of $1.
Community rules apply.
PayPal only - Payment plans fine as long as they are agreed on.

Auction ends on Sunday the 9th of January at 12.01pm New Zealand time.
Countdown here

Plush will be sent from New Zealand. It will cost around $7 for standard post or $20 for tracking and insurance, final cost will be found out after auction has finished and postage method is the choice of the winners.

EDIT: Thank you to everyone who has left such kind words <3
Tags: charizard, plush
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