mewstor (mewstor) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First simple wants post

This should be an easy one I hope.

Would there happen to be a person kind enough to get me these two Clash of Legends boxes?

According to Pokebeach these are sold "at many Target and Wal-Mart stores for $14.99"

And... (now that I thought about it) there should be this one too somewhere. It's supposed to cost $19.99.

I would like to receive them in their original packages, but if it brings up the shipping cost a lot, shipping only the contents of the packages is fine. I live in Finland and these kind of boxes usually cost over $30 here.

If the same person could get all of these, I would be really happy :D Of course I will pay some extra on top the item and shipping costs. It won't be that much, but something at least. That is why I hope only one person could get all of these, because then I won't have to split the extra payment among many helpers and it keeps the shipping costs low.

Please tell me if you are willing to do this. Thank you!
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