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GA ending at midnight! Plus a quick want and reduced prices in my sales :)

Just a quick reminder that this GA is goin' DOWN and ends tonight at midnight, EST!  There are still a couple plush with no bids!
Click here or the pic to be transported.
EDIT: I usually wouldn't update a post like this, but since I'm already editing it... I wanted to say that we won this auction and there should be an awesome discount. :D

On another note, I have reduced prices in my sales post, so please check it out!  I am back to school finally and am able to ship out items very quickly now that I'm back. :)  And speaking of shipping... most orders have been shipped.  I will be making a PO run tomorrow to get the stragglers in the mail.
EDIT: I lied when I said this because I completely forgot about my lack of mailers. >.<  I should be getting some in the next day or two, so the PO run will happen later this week.  My apologies for the false information. ;_;

Finally, I have one little, specific want: another Jolteon Pokedoll (I know, I have quite a few already XD).  I'd prefer one without the hang tag because this one will be the one I hope to love and carry with me everywhere. ^_^  It seems silly to buy a NWT one because of this.  I would like it to still have a tush tag because I can't help but think plush look kinda odd without it. >.<  I don't care when/where it was released and I don't mind what condition it's in as long as it isn't totally gross.  I'm hoping to not have to pay much for one, but considering it's an Eeveelution, I might not be able to avoid that. XD
Tags: group auction, sales, wanted
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