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Little Christmas Story

None of my family enjoyed this as it happened Christmas morning, but I thought the community might get a laugh out of it.

For Christmas this year my 4 year-old asked santa for a doll house.  So under the tree was this 3 foot pink and purple doll house, with two bags full of accessories (the whole thing was from my parents).  While we waited for the rest of the family to arrive, I let her empty her stocking.  This was my big mistake.  It was packed to the brim with POKEMON (all from me =D).  She was in heaven.  When her 9 year-old cousin Zack arrived, they poured over her pokemon cards. 

She left her gifts long enough to eat and dress.  But when we returned to open gifts from under the tree... she only wanted to play with her pokemon.  Repeatedly through out the morning, we had to pull her away from the shocking gifts to open presents.  Finally, everything was opened and I went to the kitchen to cook.

Later my mother comes in looking very annoyed.  "I just don't believe this."  I followed her to the living room and there they were, a 9 year-old boy and a 4 year-old girl playing with a doll house.

Only, it wasn't really a doll house anymore.  It was more of a Pokemon Center.  =D 

All of the dolls & extras were still in the bags and the pokemon had taken over.  (Sorry no pics)

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
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