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Pokemon Sales/Offers

Hello Everyone!

I am happy to say I got a Sales Permission from denkimouse yesterday, Jan2nd 2011 <3

so I am here to post my Sales Link.

If you think my banner is too big do let me know ^^

Do know that not all the items I am selling are up yet, but I am in the process of going through everything and taking pics. So do check back often for updates :]

I also have some items I am putting up for offers, which I will have in this post under the cut.

And if you have any suggestions as to better my sales post or my offers, I appreciate all advice <3


- I only accept Paypal for international orders, and I MAY accept money orders/ personal checks from USA residents. But do know I will not ship item until check/money order has been cleared.
- I live in USA and I do ship worldwide
- Offers end Jan 13th @ 10pm est
- Please increase offers with a minimum of $1 and reply to the last person's offer
-Prices are in USD
-No retracting bids, don't bid and not pay
-if within 10 minutes of end time and bidding is still going on the end time will be extended by 10 minutes until all bidding as ended
-I will give you the total once you have given me your zip and the offers end.


Offers Start at $5

Mightyena BIN: $40
Eevee BIN: $10
Latias BIN: $13    sold


Offers Start at $5
BIN: $13

Do know that it is missing Ash and literally just as I was about to take this picture Latios fell off and the peg is now stuck inside him ; _;
it can be glued, just you'll never be able to take him off


Offers Start at $5

BIN: $15

Post Away~
Thanks for looking!
Tags: auction, eevee, latias, latios, mew, mightyena, sales
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