No one you know :] (kanackering) wrote in pkmncollectors,
No one you know :]

I Love getting mail! =]

Over the course of yesterday and today I got a few things in the mail =D

First, candycafe Thank you SO much again for the cards! And even more thanks for the freebies!! ♥ ♥

Note: the Seadra is from flag, see pic below ^^

Second, flag! The kids arrived here safely ^_^ (in case you are confused kamacazizero had them mailed to me as most of them she got for me as a birthday gift =D) In any matter...Thank you SO much! ♥ They are *wonderful* =D I think in getting this Mewtwo from you completes my Mewtwo Kids! (except clear and DX)! Unless there is one I don't know about xD

And today! I got mail from warandromance! However...there was a slight I think someone got a little hungry o_o; But! the cards are perfectly fine and I love them! Thanks again for the trades!!! ♥
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