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The laziest over achiever you'll ever meet

Time for a super sales post!

Hey guys!

To start this post off, I want to let everyone know, all the zukan from the huge auction that were paid before December 31st, were shipped yesterday! Sorry that I was unable to get to the PO sooner, but not too big a delay there :)

In any case, I still seem to have a metric ton of pokemon goodies that need to find good homes.

But first...a sneak peek of my first collection update in almost a year! I say sneak peek because well, the pictures aren't the greatest, but I snapped them off for a friend and figured you guys might enjoy them as well :)

pokemon collection

So my "computer area"...I also sculpt fursuit heads and sometimes work out plush patterns here ;) Thus my creepy dummy chilling out back there! I really love being surrounded by all my pokemon and great art while I work, it helps keep me inspired!
pokemon collection
This is where some of my pokedolls hang out, I guess they would be considered the number one thing I collect, but I'm really not picky or specific. D: I'm a sucker for any nicely sewn plush or nicely sculpted figure, I don't really collected specifics, but I do play favourites a little bit! I love me some lions, eeveelutions, mew, cats and now...samurai otters and fire nuggets! (I don't have any miju merch aside from a strap yet though :( baw)
pokemon collection
And this shelf, sits right above my computer! Even more pokedolls live here, but so many are buried under others! I really need to figure a better way to display them! That namco Darumakka is currently the owner of my heart, I need more nuggs!

So now, as a segway into my sales post, lets just say, I am really open to doing trades right now!


I currently want ANY mijumaru plush or figurine, all I have is the netsuke strap! I actually love Futachimaru most, but I don't really know how much merch he has yet :)

The same goes for darumakka! I'd like pretty much anything! I only have the namco plush and the chopstick rests :) More open to merch of him, excepting flats.

Lastly is a very unique request! So this:

is pretty much the coolest set I have ever seen. Honestly I'd be really happy to trade anything from my sales below, OR make you a sweet  custom plush! examples from my last auction, also a really sweet aerodactyl if you're not afraid to visit FA.

Okay so I hadn't realized how rare(and huge!) this set potentially is! I would def be more than happy to up the size of custom plush I am willing to trade :) If you would be interested in my trade offer, let me know what size and whatnot you're thinking and we can work it out! (I mean like, does 20-30" thrill you? cause thats what I'm thinking!)

OKAY enough dallying! You guys want sales! You got them!! Everything is discounted from my last post :D!! Hooray! AND THERES NEW ITEMS!

-please comment with items you'd like to purchase and your zipcode and I will give you the total with shipping
-I can hold items for 24 hours
-I only accept paypal at this time
-I can ship international; I ship from New york, USA
-and yes, TRADES PLEASE!! I would love any of the previously mentioned stuff!

Brand new Nintendo world pokedolls! $18 each

Mew is on HOLD

SOLD: umbreon

Pichu: $3
Waving chu: $3 (has a bit of dirt on him but otherwise good shape)
Angry chu: $3 (turns into pokeball!)
Winky chu: $5
Pachi strap: $2


Tiny piplup: $2
chikorita: $3 (stain on back)
laying buneary: $8
Contest buneary: $12
Togepi friends: $2
Darkrai: $10
Yawrakai charmander: $25

pokemon nov2010
Japanese minky release pikachu, used good condition: $15
Japanese minky release pachirisu, used good condition: $15 SOLD
MINKY US release Lugia: $17 (old tag)

pokemon nov2010
New US release DX turtwig pokedoll: $35
Giant laying squirtle: $40 SOLD
New US release DX Chimchar pokedoll: $35

pokemon nov2010
Big eyed chus: $4 (2 available, different releases?one seems to be minky!)
pokeball chu: $2
sleepy chu: $3
Pika and marril log: $12

pokemon nov2010
Plusle Purse: $8
Lickylicky: $5
Blissey, squirtle, chikorita friends: $2 each

pokemon nov2010
sleeping pachirisu: $12
Pichu: $5
Minky piplup: $15 (scratched eye)

pokemon nov2010
Buneary (no nose,otherwise mint): $8
Really loved Mime jr. pokedoll: $2
One armed Blissey: $4

pokemon nov2010
pokemon nov2010

SOLD: staraptor, garchomp

pokemon nov2010
pokemon nov2010

SOLD:staravia, magnezone, starmie, wigglytuff, cascoon, combee, meditite, vespiqueen, mothim, gastrodon, shellos, burmy, ludicolo

The following items are up for offer! I am hesitant to part with these guys, so please don't be offended if I pass on your offer

offers closed

That should about cover it! Thanks for looking!
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