Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Card Sales Post!

Yep its that time again~ Sales time. Was going over my collection, and thinking that some of you might apperciate these cards more than me. They are either doubles, or things I just don't need at the moment. ALL OF THEM ARE MINT

I gladly accept international orders. Paypal only at the time though (If you are in the US and are just DYING for some reason to have one of these cards and dont have paypal let me know Im sure I can work out something ^^;;; )But paypal is the fastest way for both parties I think.

As I said Im located in the US, so shipping to US starts at 1 dollar. I have to charge more for 3+ cards as I put them in top loaders and it gets heavy. So any cards 3 or more will be charged 2 dollrs shipping.

International shipping is 2 dollars, and 3 dollars, for 3 or more cards.

My take on Trades. Im not saying Im not open, but right now I tend to need the money. HOWEVER especially if you have some nice Suicune/Umbreon cards I may be interested in trading.

All Prices -ARE- negociable. If you want to haggle than by all means go for it. I will espically be inclined to if you buy more than one item from me :3

And with that here's the cards~

Tyranitar EX (Pop 1 tin promo) asking 7 dollars

Tangrowth x2 foil GE. Asking 4 dollars (for each) or 6 for both

Lumineon foil MT. Asking 4 dollars

Mightyena EX HP. Asking 8 dollars

Mew HL. Asking 5 dollars SOLD

Pidgeot delta species. HP. Asking 3 dollars SOLD

Flygon POP 4 promo foil, asking 4 dollars

Palkia GE. (Rev. Foil) Asking 5 dollars. (I also have a non foil version. I can do a set for 7 dollars)


Staraptor D/P base set Foil Rare. Asking 3 dollars

Aggron MT. Foil Rare. Asking 3 dollars

Salamence Delta Species from Delta species set.(rev Foil, but thats how all their foils are) asking 4 dollars

(See next page for blissey)

Tyranitar MT. x2 Foil Rare. Asking 3 dollars for each or 5 for both.

Nidoking MT. (Rev Foil rare) asking 3 dollars.

Uxie MT. Foil Rare. Asking 5 dollarss


Blissey MT. (Rev Foil Rare) Asking 5 dollars (hard one to come by-great for decks)

Deoxys delta species. HP. (rev Foil rare) Asking 3 dollars

Latios and Latias set delta species. Rev Foil from HP. 8 dollars for the set.


Legendary Beast (dog) POP 2 Promo SET

Raikou, Entei, and Suicune all are foil rares.

Asking 15 for the set.

Thats it. I have some D/P promos I may sell, but Im more so interested in selling them as a set, or trading for something really nice? I have that shinx that people want, Buneary/Pachirisu Sheildon/Cranidos. Just a thought. If no one is interested I might just ebay them. But I would like to trade, or do a set sale.

Any questions just ask!~ Thanks for looking.
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