Ole Svenson (olesvenson) wrote in pkmncollectors,
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Current Dragonite collection!!

My collection is beginning to be respectable! Here are all my beloved Dragonites assembled together:

Special thanks to denkimouse for selling me the two Dragonite plush UFO catchers on the left in the back row, and to bluetip_echelon for the bust on the far right (not a commission, but won in an auction recently done in this community). Also, thanks to a recent sale done by lineaalba, I have acquired my now previous most wanted Dragonite, the chibi UFO catcher plush in the back row on the right! (Now I most desire the bell plush...maybe it'll turn up someday.)

I don't think I could've assembled this group without the help of my fellow members of this community. Many thanks to everyone from whom I've purchased something!!
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