Kari (kari_xiii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Multipurpose post!

Starting off, there's new kids figures over here (Don't think they've been posted yet) -

I'm quite surprised, it means we're only about 5 months behind Japan, haha. I haven't found the set with Rentorar / Luxray yet, though no doubt I will eventually. Looks like all the lions have been released, yay! Oh, and the pixies are NOT clear. Just a note. And to anyone trading with me - Yes, these are included in items I'll trade (EXCEPT Luxray's set, because I can't find him).

Also, I'm currently holding items for people -
kiraras_lemon - DX Infernape Kid
kasaii- Spiritomb, Gengar, clear Palkia & Shieldon Kids
battyvitae - Holo Palkia, Rev. holos Mismagius & Rapidash
mjneko - Skitty, Growlithe & Shuckle Shining Darkness

Could you guys let me know if you're still interested? :D

And finally. I'm still looking for Anime Cap Mankey Kid! He's the last little Mankey Kids figure I need, and I'd love to have him.
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