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Mod Post.

heerosferret posted something important yesterday about repeat sales posts (many of which include cards).

It can be seen here in case you missed this:

Just to clarify, we are not discouraging selling things in this community. The problems are related to selling and are as follows:

-repeat of sales that are like spam to the community (considering how many posts we get per day); most of these are related, but not exclusive to card selling

-joining this community only to cross-post a bunch of sales (in which your sale has maybe one, or two pokemon things)

Yes, this community is primarily for showing off your pokemon goods, but you can sell stuff. We've just been very lenient about this and people are taking advantage of it. New rules may have to fall into place because of this, but that will be discussed later since badgerr_ftw is on vacation at the moment.

Also - one more thing - do not comment to others posts calling them 'trolls' or other things like that - regardless of your intentions, it is rude, uncalled for and unneccessary even if you are trying to help combat our recent 'problem.'

Politely telling someone otherwise that their post might be irrelevant or spam is a slightly different story.

We are a big community and have really grown over the past few months - I'd like to think we can all be called adults here, regardless of our actual ages, so please play nice - we don't want to give new people joining the idea that we are immature or rude. ^_^
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