Alexis (pika_lex) wrote in pkmncollectors,


I am still in denial, and say Pokabu :P

anyways!!! Collection update time!!!!

Got an awesome haul today in the mail, so peek below the cut to see

See Inside!!!!

Im going to split this up into sections <3

I wanted to do a mass 'bu update, but just waiting on a few more so without further ado:

I present to you todays gets!!!!
Osaka pokecen:

Looks like little face washers <3

Very cute:

Osaka promo card :)

This one was awesome!!! paid like $12 on eBay, then the next day the seller spiked it to about $30
followed by another listing for about $70

Osaka tin - thanks to denkimouse  <3

Something I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so SO excited for ever since peka0 revealed it in a previous post

Bu bank!!!!

The little box is so cute - it even has a little bow tie illustration

aaaaand the Pièce de résistance

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *____*

And of course his plushie self

Comparison with a fellow 'bu pal!!!


The clear file <3

I am not sure if these stickers have a special purpose!! like wall stickers???

not that i'd use them <3 they shall stay minty fresh forevahhhhhH!!!!!

More osaka goodies <3

Keyring, Charms and Pokabu charm :)


Well I thought this pokemon center carry bag was exciting - I hadnt seen one of these ones....
and trust me my sellers through in a tonne of bags <3 I just cant get enough no osaka pokecen bag makes me sadface but

Reshi and Zekrom - but turnover and BIG BU frame <3333333
Pokemon center Happy Birthday card - this card alone i spotted on eBay for like $174

which made me very very glad, I bought this whole little package for 3000JPY :) mainly for the bu, but now i love tabunne a little :P

Which then encouraged me to win the tabunne tin (as well as 'bu) when Gin popped them up for offers <3

I also had to have this clear file - lots of cute goodies on here

I especially like the "Lets shop" and the little bu goodies & the pikachu pokedoll key chain :D

Merry Christmas!!!!


I could not resist this bowl!!!! i must resist collecting nugget though xC

Seattle Kiosk:

Pokabu with some new friends

Oh my god, i swear i just died when black fruitbats kosk run post had these one friday morning when i looked at my iPhone!!!! I'd been lusting after these guys for a while, but never had the spare coin when i spotted them

but now :D

and thats all - remember Bu update soon <33333



Tags: chikorita, cyndaquil, pikachu, tepig
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