larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

massive kids sales reminder

hey guys! this is a reminder for my big kids sales post. lots of $1 and $2 kids for direct sale, and there are some kids that are on offer from $3! some of them are quite rare, including Chinchou, Politoed, Glalie, Solrock, Froslass, Kecleon, Smoochum, Tangela, Sunflora, Venusaur, Swellow, Fridge Rotom, Riolu, Claydol, Cyndaquil, Diglett, Moltres, Victreebel, Forretress and Latios. i will stop taking offers for the kids on 8 Jan Saturday 8PM PDT, which is a few hours away. =D

(click this link to enter larvitarscar's shop!)

thanks for viewing!
Tags: baltoy, chinchou, claydol, cyndaquil, diglett, drifblim, drifloon, forretress, froslass, glalie, kecleon, latios, lucario, luxray, moltres, pikachu, politoed, riolu, rotom, salamence, smoochum, solrock, sunflora, swellow, tangela, venusaur, victreebel, whiscash
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