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Collection update and a multi-purpose post

Got a few new stuff arriving the past few days so it's time for a collection update for my new gets~~~ Pardon me if some of the photos are a bit blur, I have shaky hands ^^;

Here's a teaser just for the heck of it XD;

Ice Beam Attack Articuno kid. When I saw this, I knew I just had to have it, so I bought it. I got it from a shop locally. I just love the pose ^_^

This is...a Master Ball. YES, IT'S A MASTER BALL. I wonder what's inside...

It's a Reshiram keshipoke! This is my very first keshipoke, so I had no idea they were this tiny @_@ Reshiram kid for size reference. I bought this from denkimouse

Banpresto Skymin plush! It's about the size of a Pokedoll. When I first saw this plush in a GA, I knew I wanted it cause I really love the pose and it looks so happy, but I lost it in the same GA because I wasn't paying attention to the bidding :( But now, it popped up in another GA and I finally got it! Thanks to tsuki_no_eifie for running the GA :)

Chimchar and Cyndaquil Pokedolls from Seattle from blackfruitbat's pick ups! They're both so adorable <3 I wonder when will her pick ups resume again...

Takara Tomy starter plush set from nanoplasm! Oshawott seems to be camera shy and Tepig is...lying down. Snivy is just being...Snivy. But only Oshawott is mine. Snivy belongs to tyltalis and Tepig belongs to kokicola. They're just temporarily chilling at my house until I send them out ^_^

Sticker sheet that came with the Starter plush set. This one is for me cause I love stickers <3

Photo of Snivy and Tepig before I have to send them off ^^; Having the actual plushes in my hands and looking at the real thing makes me want to get them for myself >.> They look so much better in person compared to seeing them in photos.

Oshawott! I took this photo for comparison. They're both Takara Tomy plushes, but they're different at the same time. The one on the left is the original Takara Tomy Oshawott plush which popped up in my previous collection post, while the one on the right is the Takara Tomy Oshawott plush that came from the TT starter plush set. See how different they look? The one from the starter plush set's head is actually round! IT'S ROUND!!! THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE, OSHAWOTT IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A ROUND HEAD >.> Those that have seen my previous collection post will know what I'm talking about :X The shell on its belly are also different. The body looks rounder too ^^; Though I really can't tell any difference between the material used to make them. They feel the same to me even though nanoplasm said the material was different. I definitely like the one on the right better ^_^

Now, what is this? This is the Ichiban Kuji Oshawott plush by Banpresto which I managed to get from Play-Asia. This plush is supposed to be a lottery prize and are limited in number I think? This is currently the largest Oshawott plush I have. Oshawott kid chilling at the top for size comparison. I totally forgot to take a photo of my mini Oshawott plush army, I have like five of them :X

Now, for the main attraction, Ichiban Kuji Reshiram plush by Banpresto which I managed to get from Play-Asia. I had this in pre-order for the longest time. This plush is supposed to be a lottery prize and are limited in number I think? The size of this guy is bigger than the Pokemon Center Reshiram plush. Reshiram kid on its head for comparison. The Super DX Reshiram plush is also smaller than this one. But oh, this is not the largest Reshiram plush that's been officially released. There is actually one bigger than this one which stands at about 40 cm tall (this one is about 35 cm), the Banpresto Chotto Ooki Namco exclusive plush which I need to get my hands on. Unless nanoplasm is able to bring it in, I'm going to have to stalk Yahoo!Japan for that one Reshiram plush to complete my official Reshiram plush collection, at least until the Reshiram Pokedoll is out. There is also a small round version of Reshiram by Banpresto that will be out in April I think January. I'm a bit short on cash right now since I'm saving for some other more important gets and stuff for Chinese New Year so I don't think I can handle a Y!J auction and middleman fees just yet ^^; Maybe in February or March...

Group shot of all the Reshiram plushes I currently have! Can you identify them? Please ignore the random Dialga, fallen Futachimaru PokeCen plush and other random things in the background

And that's all for today!

Sales plug - Rena Chan's Sales

Notice to those that have bought from my sales and have paid for your items, I have created a spreadsheet just to document shipping status and whether your package has been shipped out for your convenience. This way, I don't have to clutter the comm with shipping status only posts and you can just refer to the spreadsheet to check whether your stuff has been shipped out ^_^ - Shipping Status for items bought from me

Lastly, to those that participated in my 100 Kids GA, the items are on their way to me from Noppin! I've taken EMS shipping (for some reason EMS shipping from Japan to Singapore doesn't cost so much, in fact it's almost the same price as Air Mail O_o;), so the items will be arriving at my house early/mid next week! Since the shipping from Noppin to me didn't cost a lot, I will be combining the second and third payments. It will take a while for me to sort out everything since there are quite a lot of items, so GA participants please be patient ^^; I will put up a claims post first for the winners from the GA to claim any leftovers for a small amount after sorting is done and this will be added to your final payment total. Thanks for participating in the GA :)
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