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Price/Interest Check and one small want

So yesterday I hit up a small local convention, and was pleasantly surprised to find some interesting Pokémon stuff in the dealer's room!

These are the ones that I'm not planning on keeping for myself. ^^; I also snagged a Caterpie tomy and a Skiploom kid. Anyway, the last time I got some kids I ended up auctioning them off and that worked pretty well, so I figure I'll do it again. I'm just not entirely sure what to start bids at - I don't want to start them too high and have nobody interested!

The Wigglytuff and Quagsire are clear kids, the Dratini is a tomy keychain, Mew and Lucario are bottlecap figures, and the Gorebyss is also a kid, but of the non-clear variety.

Also, one small want. I'm looking for this card for sale or trade (trade preferred):

I already have one, but my copy seems to have some graffiti on it:

Oh, wait. That's not graffiti! That's just LISA ORTIZ'S AUTOGRAPH AWWW YEAH.
(She was the voice actress who played Sabrina in the anime, for those who don't know.)

I'm willing to trade for stuff in my sales or commission posts!
Tags: dratini, figures, gorebyss, kids, lucario, mew, quagsire, wanted, wigglytuff
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