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Dragon Collection Update!

You may know that I collect Dialga and Jolteon, but I also collect ALL the other dragon types as well, (to a small extent). I got an exciting new addition to my Gen5 dragon-type collection yesterday, so I thought this'd be a good time for an update!

Sazandora Plush Mouth & Tongue

Apologies for the bad photos, the lighting in my room is terrible. =(

First, let's start with the new legendaries - Zekrom and Reshiram!

Pokemon Collection - Reshiram and Zekrom

I've been trying to keep these collections as even as possible and only get items in pairs, but I don't know if I'll be able to keep that up when Zekrom gets all his cool movie stuff...Anyway, for now I have the big PC plush, the original versions of the PokePlamo, the Tomy MCs, and the first versions of the Retsuden stamps and the Kids. There is a lot more that I want to get of these guys (such as the DX Tomys) but I'll put it off until I go to Japan next and can pick it up myself. For now, I'm really looking forward to the Pokedolls! <3

Next up, Kibago!

Pokemon Collection - Kibago

This little guy is getting so much merch already, I really have to limit myself! For plush I've got the Tomy, the Pokemon Center plush, the Pokedoll, and the Namco exclusive Banpresto. For figures, I also have the BW1 Kid, but forgot to bring it over from the KidsDex, whoops!

So that it doesn't eat my whole shelf, I'll probably leave this collection as it is for a while, until the zukan/talking plush/1:1 plush come out (if the latter two come out at all). I don't have any Onondo or Ononokusu items yet, but I'm excitedly awaiting the release of Onondo's Retsuden stamp at the end of the month. =)

I also received a box in the mail recently, but I didn't recognize the sender's name, and was puzzled as to what it might be until I saw this on the side:

Pokemon Doodle of Kurimugan

Oh! It's Kurimugan! <3

Pokemon Sculpture of Kurimugan

This lovely sculpture is about 3" tall, and was made by berugii! I'm quite pleased with him <3

Pokemon Collection - Kibago and Kurimugan

My plan for this guy is to share the space with Kibago's evolution line - right now it's pretty empty, but I'm sure that will change quite a bit once I start getting plush of Kurimugan, and Kibago's evolutions.

And last but definitely not least, the other Gen5 dragon line received a major new addition:

Pokemon Collection - Monozu and Sazandora

I had the simple little plush by vepsmin and the sleepy sculpture by caffwin, and they're now joined by the huge and highly detailed plush by usako_chan!

He's a bit hard to photograph (he has Levitate for a reason) so I put him on top of a set of headphones for balance. XD

Pokemon Plush Sazandora

"Hi! I'm a hydra! >) "

Pokemon Plush Sazandora
Pokemon Plush Sazandora

"Oh, my other heads also want to say hello."

Pokemon Plush Sazandora

Face shot!

Pokemon Plush Sazandora (Mouth)

"I have a tongue too, see?"

Pokemon Plush Sazandora

"I also have puffy wings like a Giratina, and back legs that don't do anything! \o/"

Pokemon Plush Sazandora

"My necks are kind of snakelike, with a head bursting out at the end! Isn't that cool?"

It's really hard to see from the art what Sazandora's neck actually looks like, but this seems a reasonable guess! I actually can't even tell the color of the back of the 'petals' from the normal sprites, but thankfully the moving sprite shows pretty clearly that they're black.

Pokemon Plush Sazandora

"I look a little more like a grown up Monozu or Jiheddo in this shot, don't I?"

The 'petals' are pretty flexible though they're not wired, so they can be brought forward like this or pulled back as in the art we have so far.

Pokemon Plush Sazandora and Kibago Pokedoll

Being ridden by Kibago Pokedoll for size comparison!

Pokemon Collection with Plush Sazandora

I had planned to put this evolution line on a shelf together with my little collection of a guy who likes multi-headed dragons, but I didn't account for his size ^_^; For now, I'll leave these guys as they are since they still fit, and move them when I get more items. I still don't have any Jiheddo items, so he's probably next on my commission list. ^_^

Pokemon Plush Sazandora

"Bye! Bye! Bye!"
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