Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Yay a big box appears

 yaay a big package I've been waiting for from ebay finally came 8D ,gorgeous hasbro charizard you are mine <3

First up is auctions

All Auctions end Tuesday January 18th at 5:00 pm PST

Hasbro Blaziken, He doesn't have batteries in him so I don't know if he works,but he probably does.
He stands at 7 1/2 inches and he's perfectly fine except for some small marks and chips on the front of his legs
Starts @ 5.00

This video shows what he does, sorry for the poor light I couldn't hold my camera and get him to work at the same time xD

The Smaller Pokedex,also works and has batteries.There is a giant scrape on the button.
Starts @ 1.00


A pokedex,I don't know everything it does but it tells you about the different pokemon and there are games
It is working and came with batteries,but I would replace them just incase.
Starts @ 2.00


Here are the straight sales :3

Jakks Figures 1.00 each

Pikachu and Breloom are both missing their tails

Jakks Grass Base 1.00
Orange thing? 50 cents

Jakks Base pieces 50 cents for every two
(the grass one is included with the base not for separate sale)

Water base is free just pay shipping

Hasbro Figures 1.00 each
Poochyena is 2.00
Lairon does a headbutt when you pull his tail back,Crawdaunt opens and closes his claw with the lever,Vigoroth flails his arms,Sharpedo does bite when you pull back his fin,Cacturne does something with his arms xD,and poochyena does nothing.

Metagross shoots a disc at you,Metang moves his arms when you press the button on his head,and beldum does nothing

Vigoroth flails his arms and grovyle opens and closes his mouth when you pull on the head leaf

Tomys 1.00 each
Latios is 50 cents because there is a scrape on his face

Palkia is broken off the stylus, and the stylus is all scratched up : 1.00
I don't know what Wurmple is 50 cents

Dialga and Palkis Ds Holder? 2.00

Various Videos and Books 1.00 each
Gone:Let it snow,snack attack HC,I feel skitty,trees a treeko,save those mudkip,flying pokedex,water pokedex,ghost,dark,steel pokedex,ice and fighting pokedex,grass pokedex,and the squirtle squad

Only time out for Torchic is left

Only Snack attack PB is left

Only Rock and Ground and Normal are available


ignore the zards and pika they aren't new

Does anyone know what mightyena is?  answered C: he's the Hasbro

<3 my own jakks ponyta


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