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Offers + Clean out Sales!

So I am once again cleaning through my collection to make room for my haunted lights collection, and I have quite a few things to bring to the table. I'm really not good with pricing, so most of them are up for offers. C:

Included are a custom Minccino/Chillarmy Pokedoll, Poseable Bayleaf plush, Corsola Pokedoll, and Dragonite Ufo~

1. I ship from the USA and will ship anywhere~

2. I live with 3 cats - they are kept away from my collection but just a fair warning

3. All items are shipped by default without insurance. If you want some, please let me know. Once the package has left my hands, I can not be held responsible for what happens to it.

4. I take a while to ship because of my full time job - my next shipping day is coming up, but please understand I will keep you updated and I always go out to ship whenever I can. c;




Corsola Pokedoll - Offer away! She is mint with tags, but her tag has a faint bent in it as seen in the picture.

Poseable Bayleaf Plush - Brand new condition but missing hang tag!


Custom Chillarmy/Mincchino Pokedoll and Zorua Plush- both are brand new, and Zorua has all tags.

Metagross Chess Piece - all pieces there, brand new condition with gorgeous paint job


Dragonite UFO - Like new, tush tag still there - $20 -SOLD

Cherrim Zukan - Brand new, all pieces there - $14

Chikorita Plush - Like new, tush tag still there - $15 OBO

All items are in great or otherwise brand new condition but with a little dust on them. 8C

Clear Dratini: $4

Rayquaza Pokedex Figure: $5

All others: $2 (Suicune sold!)

Thanks for looking! ;A;


Tags: bayleef, cherrim, cherubi, chikorita, corsola, dragonite, dratini, farfetch'd, gen5, metagross, rayquaza, sales, seel, suicune, zorua
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