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Pokemon Books worth $90!?


I just got home from the used book store with a lot of goodies. two of them are pokemon related. they are the Pokemon Adventure comics that Viz put out 10 years ago. i only paid $10 each for them. why do i ask about them being worth $90? click the link to see why: 

Both books.

Book on the left side of the first photo; it's tags that the book store put on it.

Book on the right side of the first photo; it's tags that the book store put on it..

Volume 2's copyright info

Volume 3's copyright info

these books where in a LOCKED case. i didn't notice till i was in line and happen to look over and said to my mom, "pokemon books! why the heck are they in a locked case?." so i went to get someone to unlock the case. she let me take them out and look at them. i asked her about the $90 and how they get the prices like this on the books. she said it could be the going rate for the books at the current time. i said no to getting them at first. then something told me to get them. i figure i could come home and research.

MY RESEARCH: i went on ebay and the only thing i saw close to this was someone asking $63 for one issue, $80 for 8 issues of the newer printing, and $152 for an older issue. YES, $152. i checked the completed listings and the highest one was $300 for 34 issues of the bootleg copies. now the tags say these books came in 12/14/10. so MAYBE they found a completed listin for $90 at the time. i am not sure.

CONCLUSION: i am very confused how they came up with this $90. does anyone have an ideas? is there a website where you can check how much books are selling for?

SO sorry for the long post. i haven't ever come across something like this before. thanks everyone for reading and any light you can shed on this:D
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