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2011 1st collection update & new shots for current collection & a possible TOMY MC figure GA

Actually THE two littles must have arrived my house before New Year. However, since the others haven't yet  joined the HAPPY FAMILY, I would like to do a quick update for them.
This amazing Jakks Shaymin Sky Forme of Exploerers of Sky is from kriscarmi . Shaymin is more like a mailman than an explorer in this fashion. (Shaymin: >< crying) I checked PlushProject before I bought her, and found out that there is one sharing the same design in Japan by Banpresto(?). But this one was cheap priced and I like the paper tag very much. Thank you very much, kriscarmi . I would like to exchange feedback if you see this.

This smart Dialga is from a pokedoll pick-up run by blackfruitbat . I was attracted by this one mainly because of the design of his big round eyes. Just a small change makes an intimating time ruler into a cute little thing. Also, I recently knew that the Nintendo World had their new paper tag, and happily saw my Dial come with it. Thank you very much, blackfruitbat . I would like to exchange feedback if you see this.

Today I bought a new bookcase 'cause I decided that my goodies need a new HOME. Poor am I that I installed the top panel upside down. lol. However, the light does not come in as good as expected. Here are some new shots for my previous collection. As you can see, I am building an ARMY of legendary birds! They wanna see their partners who are still in the journey. 

On the one hand, Groudon & Blaziken are competing for the strongest fire pkmn. On the other hand, Blastoise is stomping 'cause he is the only Kanto starter missing a gold statue. :p They do not seem to care about the upside-down panel. oVo

And, what is Arceus looking at ...?

WOW, a briefcase with pkmn bottle caps from 10th Anniversary.

And all comments from narrators Latias & Latios on the * * *. LOL. 

Another brilliant TOMY MC auction with a really low bidding price pops up. It's not from Ebay, and looks 100% legit to me. I would be 100% interested in Zapdos since I think it is the one renewed by the new design. And those clear ones are uncommon. Especially Regice and Groudon, not even once did I see them on the AAPF. Also, I am not pretty sure but judging from this photo, Mew, Suicune, Pikachu, Absol, Celebi, and others in the below pic are the 10th anniversary pearly shine figures (AGAIN, I am not that sure 'cause the seller did not offer more information. If someone does not need the Zapdos figure is willing to GA this, I can PM you the link. Also, any comments about those look-like pearly shine figures would be appreciated.
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