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Looking for a Trade :3 (and small collection update preview)

All information is under the Cut:

It has come to my attention that I have alot and I mean ALOT of pokemon stuff and I really have run out of room.  :c  So after thinking it over I have decided to offer for trade one of my larger pieces to make room for my current collections :D  

Its my 14/15 inch Toy Factory Shinx Plush !
(Sorry for the recycled photos.  But these are much nicer then taking new pictures of him while on my shelf.  I mean right after these were taken I put him on my shelf and he hasn't been moved since so the only change would be a little dust which I brush off before he is sent to anybody)

Still Mint with tags :D  (pokedoll for size ref, not for trade!)

What I'm looking for trade:
-SNIVY/TSUTARJA! : these are high want with anything I don't have.
-Pidgey or Pidgeot

Also custom items accepted, not sure what this guy is worth.  I saw a smaller one go for 17.  So I assume 20-25?  Correct me if you think he is worth more/less.  I may also be willing to trade a Umbreon pokedoll (older Nintendo Store version with tag...though one of pika's ears on the tag is bent)  But only if its a high want item or custom.  (Can be combined with shinx if its a high price item)

My feedback:

Also just because I is a small collection preview for the future X3  Minus some Zorua's, talking Tsutarja and a large banpresto that will be on its way soonish.  :3

Tags: aerodactyl, gen5, ho-oh, pidgey, plush, shaymin, shinx, snivy
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