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My Collection Intro! :D

Here's my collection, as promised!

Here's the majority of them. I will update again once a new package arrives, and I get the big shelf set up.

To the table...

Now to the floor!

The shelves, which contain my main collections, the Beasts and the Pikachu line! But there's one who is amazingly dear to me...Raikou! :D Look at that shining Zukan! Stunning <333

Here's Mewtwo, along with some other legends. I grab many random legend items, simply because I love them all!

Now, the Pikas! My biggest collection, since Pikachu has a ton of merch *dies* But I've had pretty much all of these guys for years. Thay're well loved, even though I don't hardcore collect Pika so much anymore. He's still awesome though. :)There are other random things on the shelf as well that had no other place to go at the moment, lol.

A VHS case from quite a while ago that came with a few of the original Pokemon anime episodes, and the official PokePark Cel from Nintendo World, NY.

Whew! And there you have it. Again, expect updates soon-ish, in a week or so I'd say. Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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