xSystem (system69) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My First 2011 Customs Post!

Hello everyone! Today I would like to try and grab your interest in, what I've seen, are some pretty unique customs =3

These guys are both made from Polymer Clay (Sculpey), painted with acrylics, and strung together with some super-quality elastic.
They're semi-posable, which is mostly because these two certain Pokemon don't exactly have the longest limbs x3

They're both prototypes which I mostly rushed out to see how I'd go at making them work, and well, they work!
I'm keeping Magmar for my personal collection, but today I shall be auctioning off Raichu and have one slot up for grabs!


Rules and such;
* I ship from Australia, but the shipping is included in the price.
* No Sniping, of course.
* Paypal only, USD.
* The auction will run until Friday 14th January, at 4pm GMT+10. (Countdown here)

The starting price is $35 for this prototype.

*I will also offer one slot to the very first person to claim it. This will be $55, for any Pokemon.

I hope you all like my little jointed buddies, thanks for reading! <3
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