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And guess what I found from my a mailbox?

...Actually new stuff arrived already at monday 25.02. (I had no time to take photos).

But who is this lil' guy and where is his friends? 8D
wutglaceon.png picture by wolfhond

Oh, here they are, and as we though: he wasn't traveling alone.

cutiescopy.png picture by wolfhond

More images:
chougettos.png picture by wolfhond
//Sorry for poor quality of image// My first chougettos(I love already all of 'em <D), and glory belongs to carolina_suikun(thank you again so much). 
That Lumineon is even more cuter than though, maybe I start collect them too(and finneons).

minis.png picture by wolfhond
I have dreamed long time about this mini vaporeon. I bought them from finnish auction, and that mew was such a cutie. I couldn't resist its attraction. :'D They are about 1 inch tall.

Rest of stuff I bought from super markets, when I was in shopping spree at the last weekend.
chupas.png picture by wolfhond
Two Chupa Chups figures(I like that Sceptile and looks like Volbeat is saying something like "Hooray, Hitlerchu!").

tfgs.png picture by wolfhond
One TFG- booster. I wanted Absol or Eevee. D: But maybe better luck at the next time.

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