shiny_vulpix (shiny_vulpix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Random figures and a question!

I was hoping I'd have my camera back by now so I could upload some collection pictures and pictures of some things for sale >> Hopefully I'll have it tomorrow ._.

Question! I bought a few of these little 'dome' Pokemon figures a while back (see here for an example of my Vulpix one) and I was wondering what these are .. from? I don't come across them too often on eBay, but I've seen a bunch of people with them in their collections.
..Does the dome come off? o_o They kinda seem like they should, but I don't want to chance accidentally breaking the thing XD And do the bases come in different colors?

Once I've got my camera, I'll have Lapras, Seel, Pikachu, and Togepi dome figures for sale, as well as a couple random cards and figures probably. I don't have very many cards from the newer sets, mostly Rocket and such. .. I need to look for my little binder of holographics! Now that I've joined up here, I kinda wish I'd collected Pokemon cards way back when instead of Yu-Gi-Oh XD

Aaand um, bit of a shameless plug XD Is anybody interested in buying some artwork? See my dA! As well as all of that, I'll offer full-color LiveJournal-sized avatars of any Pokemon or whatever (headshot, probably) for $2-$3. Comment or email or whatever if interested, thank you! ^^;
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