knienke (knienke) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Eevee!

I've been meaning to do a collection update but it has to be put on hold because the new items haven't arrived yet.. Is anybody else from Europe experiencing a delay on shipping? Two of the packges I'm waiting on were shipped the 24th, so that is a bit long right?

So instead of that: I have been debating over this a long time, but I have decided that I want a 1/1 Eevee!
Especially after seeing the post a few ones below this one =D

I checked Ebay and there is only one Eevee up there for $230 before shipping. And I found another one on hard-rock pokemon for $275 before shipping. That seems like a lot. I really want this Eevee but I'm hoping to get is for a bit less than that. I'm looking to spend around $150. Is that a reasonable price or is it too low?
So, if you were thinking about selling yours, please let me know!
And a last note, I don't have a deputy service and I really don't want to have to get one >.< =P

Thanks to everyone who commented. I bought the one on Ebay! lol =D With a little discount. I paid a little over $200 including shipping =)
Tags: eevee, wanted
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