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small sales :)

Hey guys :)

After taking a look at my shocking bank statement i've decided to do a bit of collection weeding to make me feel a bit more financially secure untill i get paid xD

all though i find it incredibly hard to part with these items, there are other -slightly more important- things that i need money for :)

Sales permission granted by Lineaalba 3/31/10

I live in the UK and will sell to anyone anywhere. Anyone outside of the UK please be patient as shipping may take a while :3

I aim to get you're parcels out as soon as the transaction is complete, but due to work sometimes this isn't possible
If you wish to see a better picture don't hesitate to ask.

I come from a dog and cat friendly house, though most if not all items are never really near them. I also have a dad that smokes.

everything in this picture will be on offer appart from Zorua and Flareon who will be for direct sale

Please bear in mind that some of these items are rare :) particularly the houndour mascot plush and nuigurimi kawaii eevee :)
so please be reasonable with offers and please dont be offended if i dont accept your offer :(

Banpresto eevee (fuzzy eevee)- mint with tush tag
Houndour Mascot Plush - Mint with all tags
Flareon Kid - Mint - $10
Nuigurumi Kawaii Eevee (big head eevee) - Mint with no tags
Banpresto Zorua - Mint with all tags - $25

Also on offer :D some mint in package zukan

Piplup line
Drifloon line

Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf

All offers for these guys will be starting at $5 each :)

i'll be taking offers on all items untill i recieve an offer i feel comfortable with or the offer threads go quiet :)

Tags: drifloon, eevee, flareon, heatran, houndour, mesprit, piplup, zorua, zukan
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