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Hello all, I'm new to both LJ and PkmnCollectors and wanted to introduce myself and share with you some of my personal pokemon creations!

I am a 23yo female from California. While I do not have a "collection" per-say (like some of the amazing plush/toy ones I've seen here) I have loved all things pokemon since it's appearance in the US.

My poke-passion is unwavering as is demonstrated by my random outbursts of pokemon theme songs and trivia, much to the chagrin of my coworkers. And I still competitively breed and battle pokes via nintendo.

It's hard to say which poke is my fav, as it has changed over the years from Charizard to Flareon to Ludicolo and now Quagsire. I think my heart has settled on loving water pokes in general, but the new B&W fire pokes may win me back.

While I still have all my original pokemon cards I'd say my true collection consists of the things I've made (though I do not still own them); so those are what I will share:

Clay work:

Fiber work:

Ive also made a number of digital art peices like icons and avatars but I forgot to transfer them to my new comp :/ oh well.

I look forward to getting to know you all and partake in the fantastic-ness that is pokemon!

And thank you to hottiehulio for bringing this wonder to my attention!


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