Hello Darkness My Old Friend.... (fernchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Mini Collection Update

Welp they had the new Diamond and Pearl tins today at Target, I lucked out and got the last Darkrai. Pulled some nice things like the Charizard from the D/P set, Swampert, Weezing (which will be an awesome addition)


Anyway thats a horrid picture, didn't matter what angle I shot at it always had a bad glare. And since Im on my camera phone I only took the one photo of my card. I got the Umbreon from candycafe' great service as always, in the package was included an awesome Japanese neo houndour, an adorable cubone from base 2, and some other extras which made me so happy ^^ And the pikachu...gosh Im horrible with names and now I cannot find the sales post. but it is SO adorable. The cheeks light up SO BRIGHT its crazy xD And the photo looks bad, it looks like it doesn't have another eye, but he's winking. Dumb glare. It also looks like Darkrai is not foil..but it is --; I wish I could take awesome photos like prguitarman ;; (totaly serious!)

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