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Hunting hunting.. for a kitty!

So I am on the hunt for the Osaka Meowth plush.. I have found a set on Ebay that looks pretty legit. Can anyone tell me if these plush are common booties? Doesnt seem like they would be but I suppose you never know.
Granted, I would like to not have to buy the whole set, unless it's a last resort. Funds being what they are and such - plus I dont really need Pikachu or Tepig. I wouldnt mind splitting the set up with someone or several folks whom have interest in the other plush. You'de need sales permission, though, as I lack it.
Of course the other route I would like to go would be if someone has that bow tie kitty for sale here in the community. I understand that he's a little on the rare side though I would like to not have to pay an arm and a leg for him. Just as arm might be alright, though. lol!

Im also curious how many of you out there are devoted Meowth collectors. Knowing just how much merchaindise there is with his face on it, how do you keep up? Do you collect it all? Or just plush? Or kids?
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