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Tits McGee

Look at all my stuff!

Thanks to this community, my collection has grown and wallet has shrunk. XD I love all my new items and thought I'd share!

I have even started many unintended collections like Glameow, Absol, Pikachu, Meowth, Pokabu, Charmander, etc. I always liked cute Pokemon but never noticed that I had mini collections of so many!! This community has shown me a lot of merch I had never known about. Wish I still didn't cause now my wants list is 3 pages long! hehehe

I don't remember who I bought all these items from...so I want to say a big THANK YOU! to everyone who sold to me :3 Your items are in good hands and are loved dearly!
ALSO, I am still waiting on 28 items to arrive. So another update will be soon I hope. Please lemme know when my stuff has been shipped. Some items have been M.I.A for months :/

To my new items!


Got this at Nintendo World in NY. I miss it there :( I lived at that store! Bought an Eevee and Jolteon tomy from there as well.

My random kids and characters in domes. All so cute.

Just recently got that Hasbro talking electronic Mew from eins_zwei_nein 

More figures and kids. Some from here and some from Y!J. Just recently found a box with all my BK toys in it. Hooray for not selling the Nidoran male line <3 I was so worried I sold them at yard sales. I know my Nidoqueen and Nidoking keychains weren't so lucky :(

Lots of new stuff from Y!J/Ebay/and this community <3 This shelf makes me happy. Raichu is from denkimouse 

Continuation of these items! The Pikachu Jakks is from dezchu I have them all now! <3

Won gangsta Meowth in a GA. He is so hip hehe. I want to give him sunglasses and a bandana!

Solar powered Pikachu from Toys R Us! Best thing ever!

Kids so far. Still missing some Espeons D:

More items from here <3

Found these in a box and got Pikachu from Y!J. I hate that site. Spent all my savings XD

Glameow plush that I never intended to have. I am really starting to like that Pokemon tho ;_;

Another one...hehe oops

Finally got my Squirtle kid to complete the set. He arrived today! Thanks swtlilangel666  !!!

This arrived today from shiny_vulpix Even better than I thought he'd be!
My only question is why did the manufacturer put his eyes on sideways? He looks so derpy :p

More items found at TRU or in boxes. I love Poke Surprises! <3

Pokabu from nanoplasm Others from friends/TRU/and GA's from here <3 Look at my lilttle Buizel!!!

I also got a Pikachu jacket from Hot Topic! It was on sale...0_o

Plus, I still have a lot of $1 items in my sales post.

Tags: charizard, charmander, eevee, glameow, meowth, mew, pikachu, raichu, sales
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