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first sales post!!

woo, bit of a late start but it's here!

note: I'm a little slow at responding right now but I am getting to everyone, don't worry!

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 1/3/2011

Feedback thread: here

  • I ship from the US
  • Paypal payments only please (may make exceptions, just inquire)
  • Domestic shipping starts at ~$1.50, international shipping starts at ~$2.50
  • I am willing to hold item for 24 hours but will pass it on to the next person afterward if payment is not received
  • Please don't back out of the transaction or I will be an angry squirrel
  • Please put your LJ username and all items you purchased in in the paypal note!!

* I make trips to the PO very often so your order will most likely be out by the next day if not the same day.

* All figures in this post are in great, unused condition unless otherwise noted. However, some of the plush are used and may not be perfect having stains, etc., so please ask about the condition before buying!

Ready? OK!


* All auctions will end on 1/15 at 11 PM CST
* To bid, look for corresponding item's thread and reply to the highest bidder with your bid
* Minimum bid increase is $1
* No sniping please and thank you
* Bidding will extend an additional 5 minutes each time you bid within the last 5 minutes of the auction's ending time

Lot of Pikachu items
closeups: 1 2 3 4
starts at $45
this is now up for BIN at $60 OBO.


Pokedoll stamps
both mew and wobbuffet start at $15

pikachu starts at $10

Entei pencil
starts at $10

Metal swing keychains
both magby and wooper start at $5


foam stamp sets $7
wooden stamps $3
plastic stamps (jirachi, mudkip, skitty) $3.50 each
foam stamps (bottom row) - pichus: $2 each, oddish, marill, belossom: $3 each
sold: box of stamps w/ marill, both marill stamps

eevee $5
snorlax, porygon, jigglypuff, electrode $3
magnemite, psyduck $2
sold: eevee

pichu $3
others $5
sold: marill, teddiursa, both togepis

plusle/minun (on pokeballs) $4 each
clear stamps (rare) $7 each
small plusle/minun stamps $2 each

skitty $8
others $3 each
sold: skitty, torchic, spoink

spheal, meowth, jirachi $4 each
all others $3
sold: spheal
on hold: mudkip

hoothoot, delibird, blissey, cleffa, togepi $3
pichus $2 each
sold: cleffa, blissey, togepi

quagsire, chikorita, marill, belossom $5
others $3

mew, charizard, sandshrew $5
others $3
sold: charmander, charizard

raichu $7
cubone, venusaur $4
others $3
sold: venusaur

eevee, lapras $7
blastoise, articuno $5
others $3
sold: oddish, eevee

mini james tomy figure $4 sold

old school stampers that are unbuilt - $3 each

MIP TOMY figures
scyther, porygon, kabutops, exeggcute/exeggutor $4
charmander $3
vaporeon, jolteon $8 each
on hold: jolteon

MIB Kid Figures (except for azumarill), comes with what looks like candy. please do not eat.
From left to right:
top row - mew, celebi, poliwag, kingdra, miltank
bottom row - azumarill (not MIB, only taken out to show what comes in box), mewtwo, teddiursa, typhlosion, lugia
all $5 EXCEPT azumarill and poliwag who are both $3
sold: typhlosion, azumarill, teddiursa

water pokeball wrist watch $7
charmander pokeball thing $7 ON HOLD
blastoise 1/20 scale thing $15
zapdos 1/20 scale thing $15
lapras squirter $7
ash/misty figure set $10

pikachu watch $3
balls $4 each except vaporeon ($5)

buildable figures
blastoise, dragonite $8
rhydon, clefairy $5
sold: clefairy

DX mewtwo kid $4
clear weepinbell, wartortle, porygon, cubone $2 each
dice set $8

poliwhirl $4
squirtle, charmander, mew $4 each
pikachu $2
sold: charmander, squirtle, mew

$8 each

$8 per set
both are sold

buildable metallic figures - $5
You can build charizard, mew, porygon, and machamp

pokeball $1
chansey $2
arbok, gengar $4 each
sold: arbok

voltorb, seaking $2
parasect, moltres $4

jigglypuff, both meowth, togepi, slowpoke (x2), charmander $10 each
pichu (in snorlax igloo), chansey (sorry he's turned around), clefairy (x3), seel, cleffa $7
pikachu $3
sold: cleffa, marill, 1 clefairy

flareon, growlithe $10 OBO
mew $5
others $3
sold: flareon

banks $3 each
available: squirtle, bulbasaur, meowth x2, clefairy x3

$2 each

eevee $5
others $2
sold: eevee

charizard $4
others $2
sold: charizard

porygon $3 others $2

happiny, phanpy $5
cyndaquil, celebi, staraptor, treecko $10
deoxys $14
sold: phanpy
on hold: staraptor

lickilicky, mudkip, skitty $8
smaller plush $5 each
sold: mudkip, chatot
on hold: luvdisc

togekiss, mew, ho-oh $15
squirtle, electivire, munchlax $15
clefairy, clefable $5
sold: mew, clefable, clefairy tissue holder plush

ash and pikachu metal figure $5
articuno figure $5
gyarados, bulbasaur keychains $4
meowth keychain, snubbull metal figure, marill $3
others (middle row) $1
sold: venusaur buttons x1, nurse chansey keychain, chansey metal pin x1, clefairy buttons,
on hold: venusaur buttons x1, charizard buttons

$$4 each
ON HOLD: abra, koffing x2

venusaur, articuno x2, dragonite, gyarados, charizard, blastoise, mewtwo x3, mew, $3 each

there are images displayed inside when you look through the hole
from left to right: venusaur, scyther, meowth, not sure/can't tell, bulbasaur,  $3 each

raichu thing $10 sold

pokemon dice (2 boxes available) $5

trainer's book (like an agenda?) $5
cards (contains SOME 3-D images on them, includes: poliwag line, slowpoke, psyduck and more) $5
pikachu and pichu pins $10
sold: deck of cards

sealed booklet things
$10 each

$5 for everything sold



card sticker things, nice and interesting illustrations on these, $5 each
sold: one with vileplume, togepi+jigglypuff, togepi

$5 sold

brand new BW zukan figures, all are available except the one with starters
reshiram and zekrom $10 each, others $7
sold: zekrom, reshiram
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