Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pika-splosion GB

Quick pika gb to ease the strain were taking on that other ga :C

Everybody needs some pika in their lives 

Heres how its going to break down theoretically
14 items claimed 4.00
29 items claimed 2.00 each
Were at 1.50 each item :3
60 items claimed 1.00 each

The total will be 60.00 + shipping
Please do not back out once you have made a claim

I'll be claiming the 7 unmarked pikas :3
Pikachu A:lambo_chu 
Pikachu B:lambo_chu 
Pikachu C:
Pikachu D:lambo_chu 
Pikachu E:mana_mihara 
Pikachu F:mana_mihara 
Pikachu G:mana_mihara 
Pikachu H:mana_mihara 
Pikachu I:
Pikachu J:
Pikachu K:rere515 
Pikachu L:
Pikachu M:schenzi 
Pikachu N:pikachux 
Pikachu O:schenzi 
Pikachu P:schenzi 
Pikachu Q:wildorched 
Pikachu R:couchpotatonet 
Pikachu S:
Pikachu T:mana_mihara 
Pikachu U:couchpotatonet 
Pikachu V:
Pikachu W:
Pikachu X:mana_mihara 
Pikachu Y:
Pikachu Z:mana_mihara 
Pikachu 1:
Pikachu 2:schenzi 
Pikachu 3:schenzi 
Pikachu 4:couchpotatonet 
Pikachu 5:pacificpikachu 
Pikachu 6:pacificpikachu 
Pikachu 7:
Pikachu 8:couchpotatonet 
Pikachu 9:pikachux 
Pikachu 10:piratea 
Pikachu 11:piratea 
Pikachu 12:kaze_to_isshoni 
Pikachu 13:kaze_to_isshoni 
Pikachu 14:pacificpikachu 
Pikachu 15:pacificpikachu 
Pikachu 16:pacificpikachu 
Pikachu 17:kaze_to_isshoni 
Pikachu 18:pacificpikachu 
Pikachu 19:little_ledyba 
Pikachu 20:wildorched 
Pikachu 21:
Pikachu 22:couchpotatonet 
Pikachu 23:couchpotatonet 
Pikachu 24:pacificpikachu 
Pikachu 25:couchpotatonet 
Pikachu 26:piratea 
Pikachu 27:aleyina 
Pikachu 28:kaze_to_isshoni 
Pikachu 29:kaze_to_isshoni 
Pikachu 30:kaze_to_isshoni 
Pikachu 31:meijiatron 
Pikachu 32:

Please leave a comment with the names of the pikas you want to claim :3
EX: I want Pikachu C and 32
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