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CLEARANCE SALE - Kids, Cards, and a Zukan set

Clearing my previous stock out of the way to make room for an upcoming SMJ shipment (as soon as two things arrive to the USA... >>).

Prices have been REDUCED! Same rules still apply, now with a new hold policy.

-All prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping.
-Haggling is acceptable (though not always guaranteed), especially if you're buying a lot of stuff.
-Shipping for figures starts at $2 within the USA and $3 international, while bulkier orders may cost more to ship.
-Shipping for cards is a flat rate of $1.50 regardless of your location and how many you buy.
-I accept money order and concealed cash (at your own risk) within the USA and Paypal regardless of location.
-HOLD POLICY: If you are paying by Paypal, I will only hold an item for three days, after which it'll go back up for sale if not paid for. People paying by money order/concealed cash will have items held until the payment arrives to me.
-When posting, please include your location.
-I'm more likely to trade cards for cards and figures for figures, but if you have a really rare card that I want then I may consider trading figures for it.

On to the sales!

Kids: Quality varies. If you wish to know the condition of a specific kid (if not listed), then don't hesitate to ask.

Sceptile, Blastoise, Venusaur, clear Wailmer, shiny Absol (not official; custom-painted by juumou)
$3 each
All in like-new condition, except for Wailmer (has a white mark on it).

Regice, Chansey, Raticate, Golduck, Slakoth, Heracross, Dugtrio, Piloswine, Clefable, Parasect
$2 each
These are either in like-new condition or have a few inconspicuous flaws

Sudowoodo, Golem, Graveller, Machop, Exeggutor, Blissey, Bellsprout, Hitmonlee, Jynx, Magmar, Magmortar, Solrock, Cloyster, Poliwag, Kingler, Weepinbell, Wailmer
$1 each
These have obvious flaws and/or are just generally unpopular.

Magby/Magmar Zukan (sealed in original package/image from Zukan Ranger) - SOLD

Holo Mawile - $2
Holo Promo Venusaur - TRADE ONLY (VERY reluctant to part with, but will gladly trade for a rare card or figure on my want list)
Foil Numel - $1
Foil Drake's Stadium - $1
Promo Mew - $2
Holo Prerelease Misty's Seadra - $2

Reverse Foil Silcoon - 75 cents
Wynaut (rare) - $1
Regice (rare) - $1
Snorlax (rare) - $1

I am willing to buy/trade for these things at the moment: Trades are not guaranteed right now, but still likely.
-Kids: Taillow (sitting), Pidgey, Linoone, Mightyena, DX Kyogre, legendary beasts
-Zukan: Shiftry family, Altaria family
-Misc. Figures: TOMY Jolteons (both versions), legendary beast gashapon kits
-Cards: Shiftry ex (this version; I already have the other), several Jolteon cards (offer up what you have in case I don't have it), non-Japanese/English Quilava cards, Pokemon Trainer Magazine Quilava promo
-Anything Quilava (even stickers and non-TCG cards) - show me what you've got, but I already have one of each TCG card except for the Trainer's Magazine promo

Thank you for looking!
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