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Y!J + deputy service questions

I didn't think I would ever be making one of these posts, but here I am. An item I've been looking for has popped up on Y!J, but I'm not currently signed up for any deputy services. I'm not sure of which service to use, so I'm here to ask for opinions. I'm leaning towards Noppin, because I've found a really helpful tutorial on how they work. I'm open to other suggestions, though, so please let me know your opinions!

I also have some questions for anyone who's had experience buying through Noppin.
1. Does buying multiple things really save that much on shipping to the US? I thought about asking someone on here to help, which would still be nice, but I wonder if the money saved on shipping to the US would be lost in the shipping to me plus a commission fee. ><
2. How much does internal shipping tend to run for a single plush about the size of the Pokecen fifth gen second starter evo plush (Futachimaru, etc)? The listing doesn't say how much it is, which I thought was kind of strange. Is there somewhere I can check to get an estimate?
3. About how much would shipping be to the US for one plush about the size mentioned earlier? I'm just trying to figure out how much this would cost me in total. I don't want to spend way more than the item is actually worth. DX

The shipping costs are my two biggest concerns, money-wise. I've seen how much GA shipping can be, and I would hope for a single item it would be significantly lower, but I have no experience so I don't even have an estimate. xD

Thanks in advance for any help, and I apologize for such a useless post. >.> I'll have a nice collection update in the future to make up for it. :)

EDIT: I found my wanted plush on eBay, but thank you so much to everyone for answering my questions! I love you all! <3 I'll leave this post up for anyone else who may have the same questions. ^__^ There's some very helpful information in these comments. :D

To make this more interesting: What is the first Pokemon item you see when you wake up in the morning? Mine is usually Buoy, my Buizel Pokedoll, although sometimes it's my Pikachu pillow. :D
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