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SO i keep putting this off waiting for more and more stuff, but here we go! for real! i swear!!

zekroms! denchura! raichus! here they are!

zekroms! here is my current zekrom setup. this will change next saturday... ;)

my figures! the newest are the sukui doll (between the kids!) and the clipping figure, going WRRRRYYYYYY? i'm trying to limit to "cool figures only", i'm feeling a bit screwed to be honest, since i find almost every zekrom figure to be cool?! at least the only "big" zekrom figure coming up is the DX kid in march, right...?

movin on to plushies!! two gigantic zekroms came out in december. one was totally unadvertised and unexpected, a namco exclusive, who is the biggest zekrom yet. he is 42 CM tall!! meet tiny tim, and here he is with his other UFO catcher counterparts, yet unnamed super DX, and scroogerom, the tiny little 14 CM guy, who arrived on christmas day but looks rather grumpy about it.

tiny tim chillin with another big namco zekrom who's heading off to a member here ;)

next up! zekroms from the pokemon center (so far ;D)! ichiban kuji is technically made by banpresto, but not a UFO catcher, and he was a prize at centers, so there's that. he is 35 CM tall and completely gorgeous. he is rather chubby too!! his name is fozzywig! compare here to big pokecen zekrom!

so where are the ones not on my display? chillin' with maru, sporting some awesome new zekrom ichiban kuji towel ...bling? he is going to be guardian of the zekroms!

all the legendaries up on my top bunk. come on, you think it looks comfy right? well it is comfy! haters off my top bunk!

so what else.... oh tiny tim, you've got a little something right there... let me get that for you.

and by get that for you i meant SNUGGLES!!! denchura's first figure is here, the clipping!!!! he is stomping around and so detailed and amazing, i cannot believe he is here, but he is here!! before you ask yes, i do have a ton of clipping figs, they'll be on sunyshore with the dragon pokedolls sometime in the next 24 hours, hint hint ;)

hangin with his bro bachuru!! (joltik...? :D)

WWRRRRYYYYYYY am i so tiny compared to a damn spider! says zekrom clipping figure!

possibly my top three favourite pokemon of all time. yes, denchura is really, really up there.

sorry, i forgot another of my favourite critters in the pic :D

last but not least........... who ist this?!

my newest GERMANCHU!!!!!!!!!!! and boy is he DERPY!! he is the smallest germanchu size i've ever seen, about as big as a hasbro beanie!!! oh my gosh, i love his little face! his name is germandurpen, durpen for short. for those who don't know, these plush were prizes at festivals in german during pokemon yellow's european release, and i am completely obsessed.

ALL of my germanchus!!

from the back! durpen ist kinda dancin or somethin.

i also want to post a link to a project i've been working on for months now. it's my more expensive pokemon collection... production artwork! i've been gathering tons of it and scanning like crazy, and my portal is ready to be checked out. all that's missing right now are my best wishes! anime genga, but those will be back up in february :)

check it out! lots of settei, genga, cels, storyboards, and more!!

as mentioned here, i will be posting the pokedolls on sunyshore tonight, with some clippin' figs. lots of folks keep asking, and i had to wait to see the exchange rate and such, but for now i'm settling on 38.50 + shipping for the pokedolls.

still waiting on some payments for sukui dolls, too!!

and thanks for reading, as always, guys :D
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