Ann (iconraven) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New obsession/WANTS

HI GUYS! I've been absent for a while as I had no money to spend on Pokemon stuff but I was lurking @____@ I have a new Pokemon obsession.

THIS GUY Image and video hosting by TinyPicHE'S A PUPPY. AND I NEED MERCH OF HIM.

I haven't seen much of him other than a plush or two. Does anyone know if there's more of him available? AND IF YOU HAVES MERCH OF HIM I WANTS IT @____@ and his evos

I am also forming a new love affair with THIS GUY Image and video hosting by TinyPicALSO A DOG. I just love his angry face <3 I wants some Snubbulls as well.

I'm also always looking for merch of the DOOF. If you have any Bidoof stuff, send me your way! :D

Other Random Wants:
Leafeon Tomy plush, pokedoll
Dragonite canvas, UFO catcher
Typhlosion UFO catcher
Magikarp pokedoll
Raichu canvas
Arceus pokedoll/any plush other than Jakks

Tags: bidoof, snubbull, wanted
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