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final sticker sales post

Updated my cheap sticker photos!  Everything pictured is what  I have left. Also added some action flipz!
I changed the pricing to make it a little easier =D

Everything from my previous sales has been shipped!

Same rules as before~


Some minor rules and info:

Paypal  = puyro10(at)gmail.com
  • There is no minimum order

  • Default shipping is a plain white envelope. No cardboard or anything as I barely have any packing materials left. If you want a different method (add cardboard, bubble mailer, etc etc) it will cost you more.


  • If your order something  non-flat with a  sticker, I'm just going to add the stickers to your package, no protection, unless otherwise requested.
  • To make my life easier, please include the URL of the picture
  • NO HOLDS, at all, for any amount of time.
  • PLEASE put what you ordered and your username in the note, and make sure you have a shipping address attached. Do NOT send payment as a gift.
  • Stickers will start at 25 cents each. Some stickers are different prices, they will be listed under the picture.
  • All prices in USD
  • Will ship anywhere
  • Paypal only, no e-checks
  • Payment expected within 24 hours of me giving you a total. I will not be doing any reminders/chasing/pm'ing
  • Drag pic to address bar to make it bigger, or right-click -> view image
  • If you want a close-up picture just let me know I'll take one for you =D
  • OH and derp these are 2 x 2 inches

Above 25 cents each

All gold 1.25 each

All prisms 50 cents each

Chansey keychain 25 cents

Red plastic zipper pouch with Pikachu


If you're looking for some non-flat stuff like plush, I just listed some Pokedolls and the like on ebay CLICK
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