Longcat (nagaineko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

RUSH Clear Tomy GA~!

Sorry for another post so shortly after my last one, but I decided to pick up this GA:

Auction ends TOMORROW (or I guess technically Saturday), 1 AM EST!  Countdown for your convenience. :)

All comm. rules apply.
No sniping please!  Bidding within 10 minutes of the end of the auction will result in a 10 minute extension for that item until bids stop.
Retracting bids will result in a negative feedback.
Bid increments of at least $0.50 please.
Shipping from the US.
There will be 3 payments, though perhaps only 2 if I can cover the initial payment myself. :)

I'm claiming Rayquaza for $5.  All figures start at $1.
Please wait for threads before bidding.  Threads are up, so start bidding! :3

PS: Ash and Gastly are NOT Tomys... Pretty sure they are both zuken pieces.  I also heard that Zapdos may not have a clear Tomy, though I'm not sure what it is if it's not a Tomy.  Sorry for the confusion.... I'm clearly not an expert on Pokemon figures, LOL.
Tags: group auction
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