Tits McGee (aleyina) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tits McGee

A wild box of "I own this?" appears!

I am so excited right now...XD
I found a lonely little box in the bonus room of the new house. It said 'Pikachu pillow' on the outside of it. So I opened it and found the old school Pikachu pillow buddy hiding in there. I smiled and brushed him off. But when I looked back in the box......the tall grass separated and a magical world appeared. It was like Narnia, but with plastic Pokemon!
What was in the Narnia box of plastic?


I didn't even know I owned this! Pretty sad huh...;___; It even has the NYC PokeCenter logo on the tag. Oh memories!

Pikachu likes to build snowmen of himself in Narnia box land of whatever the heck I called it earlier. Sorry for the obnoxious carpet...I did not choose it 0__o

Next is the Aslan of the box...the ruler of them all....HOUNDOUR! *crowd goes wild*

Says Nintendo/Hasbro 2001...I feel so old now...

Look at this sexy beast in all his glory.

'Sup Laaaadies?

ROOOOOOOOOOOAR! Working out those bi's, tri's, and glute's

Oh noes...a challenger approaches!

But they put aside their differences and become B.F.F's instead <3

Some things I found that I may sell...*ponders*

A meowth skateboard, pikachu pillow pin, Cerulean City badge, and oddish plush from BK back before we could drive :D THANKS MOM! *waves*

A ball in a ball......he spins...

Now for some gets from the community!

A ceramic Pokabu and tomy Pokabu from denkimouse . Wook at 'em :>

eeveelution tomy's from animeraro. Crikey they are gorgeous.

Flareon tomy from sonrisa toys, haunter jakks from my navy buddy, and the best Pika plush ever by iammyworld who gave me some AWESOME extras as well. Thank you soooo much <3 Love the whole package! Even the return address label. Yay for spay and neuter! Cause Bob Barker says so >:(...do it.

Thanks everyone for looking. <3

Ever find anything you owned that you completely forgot about?? Made my night!

Tags: eevee, flareon, gligar, haunter, houndour, jolteon, koffing, meowth, mew, oddish, pikachu, vaporeon
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