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Semi-reintroduction + a happy new pair of dragons + something cute and pink?

Since I've been somewhat away from the community since my last collection update, I thought I'd return with an actual reintroduction, although I can't quite recall if I officially did an intro here before. Sorry about that, so let's get this rolling~!

So hello everyone! I'm tagami_yami, and feel free to call me Tagami. :) I joined this community back in 2008, although I no longer know the exact date (probably during late summer is my guess). 2+ years, oh yeah~! ^o^ For the fandom itself, I've been a Pokemon fan ever since the TV series first aired on American television. There was a period of time where I mainly lost touch with the series as a whole (around the time when Ruby, Sapphire, then Emerald were released), but Diamond and Pearl dragged me back in, haha.

My main collections involve Mewtwo and Darkrai, but I tend to collect plenty of others, such as Arceus, Espeon, Umbreon, Lugia, the Cyndaquil line, Zoroark, and really whatever else catches my interest. Why is there no official shiny Ninetales merchandise!?

My more active collections as of late involve Zekrom, Reshiram, and the Snivy line (Jalorda is my favorite of that trio). I'm still anxiously awaiting any Pendoraa releases because I think that's probably my favorite gen. 5 Pokemon. :D If you see me popping in either asking for or showing off Pokemon I haven't mentioned above, don't be surprised, haha.

Although I'm waiting for a couple more items to add to my collection, I can share a couple of silly updates since my last collection post here.

Let's focus on the dragon duo for now, which involves Reshiram and Zekrom, yay!

I got the sukui figures in the mail today, so let's compare them to the 1st release of the kid figures.



Actually, I love the sukui figures a great deal and they are probably my favorites of the smaller figures currently available. They're kind of rubbery, which also translates to no risk of getting sliced, haha. They're a little smaller than the kid figures, but their details are crisp and overall pretty awesome. <3 Highly recommended if you like these two! I do prefer Reshiram's sukui figure just a little more because I adore the pose and fluffy bird look he's got this round.

Speaking of the kid figures, any other DRRR fans out there? XD

Yeah, I totally went there.

I also have the zukan figures for these two (added photobomb by Kaito):

Although I tend to appreciate Reshiram and Zekrom equally, Zekrom's zukan is overall nicer than Reshiram's. The blame goes to the tendency of a flowy horn or wing wanting to fall off if you're not careful. D: Zekrom's zukan is stable and doesn't hold the same weird issue.

To finish this entry, have you found yourself suddenly and almost unexpectedly collecting a gen. 5 Pokemon you didn't really have interest in until you started to see some merchandise for it? For me, one of the biggies would be Tabunne. Holy heck, I think Tabunne is rather adorable, but it's so awkward for me to think so! Even when I showed these things to family, no one could figure out why I had this cute pink thing, haha.

The next thing I knew, I ended up with the soft Pokemon Center plush and charm. How random, but I love them. @_@ Also, I've named my manly Tabunne Siegfried. :D

Here is the reason:

(Siegfried from Yugioh)
...What? They totally look nearly identical!

Told you~! Siegfried is pretty stylish after all. <3

Thanks for reading, and I hope you got some laughs. :) The next update will probably be about those cutie grass snakes, haha.
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