That Pikachu Girl (lambo_chu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
That Pikachu Girl

Looking for Large Pachirisu Plush

So I still want to do a real introduction thread and show off my pikachu collection sometime in the future, but collecting my pikachu into one area to take pictures would take time that I currently don't have...(now I know what to do on MLK day)
Anyway, right now I'm looking for a plush that my friend has been looking for a long time. She really wants a large pachirisu plush. She's seen them, but can't find anywhere to buy them. I don't know their exact size or who they might be made by, but I have a picture of a few.

(from popsicilette of DA's collection)

The two large ones with large heads on either side at top of the collection.
If anyone knows anything about these guys, and knows where I can find them, or may have one they may be willing to sell, let me know! It would make some dreams come true!
Thank you very much!
Tags: pachirisu, plush, wanted
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