Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

EDIT: READ BELOW before commenting about the lifesize zuruggu!!

EDIT2: !!!! i would make a new post but yeah. no. NEW KIDS PICS ALSO!!

so. freaking. zuruggu fest you guys. and it starts. ON FRIDAY. yes, in one week. wow, that big one is. wow. wow. just, wow. yes, it's lifesize. it says lifesize. holy crap.

jeez that came outta nowhere!!

EDIT: okay so here you go?? jeez!! and the pokedolls too. fine! have them!

RE: the other stuff
i can NOT get those life size zuruggu this weekend by myself folks! i will try to get some for you guys a week that doesn't release a ton of crazy stuff all at once. this weekend i'll get the pokedolls and zuruggu plush (normal size). the following week i'll try to bring home some of those lifesize ones. i can't give a price quote right now on them and i'm not taking reservations or anything. when i've got some home, i will post them here, it'll be first to comment first served.

they will surely be on ebay, etc, and other online stores, so don't panic or anything. you can get him! i'm not your only option, i promise! you can buy pokecen stuff from lots of places actually! it's true.

but he is gigantic! so beware! also, panicking or pestering about the lifesize plush will earn you this face!
Tags: pokedolls, reshiram, sales, zekrom
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