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A long overdue collection update!

Okay guys, I've been pushing this off far too long, since my last actual collection update was in October! xD (/fail)
Better late than never, I suppose.

So, I'm not gonna talk a whole bunch until under the cut so I can explain what I collect and why I collect it. 

I guess I'll explain stuff first and post pictures at the end. So if you want you can skip straight to them, but I'd like you to read this if you have the time :)

My first collection priority goes to getting all the kids that make up my in-game teams because I LOVE KIDS. I am (thankfully) almost done with all of my teams (except Black, which I haven't started yet for slightly obvious reasons, to me at least. The reasons being that the kids haven't been released yet haha). My teams are as follows:
LeafGreen- Magneton, Aerodactyl, Dewgong, Exeggutor, Nidoking, & Rapidash. Once some packages arrive, I will be finished with this team(waiting on Magneton and Rapidash).
HeartGold- Lanturn, Houndoom, Gallade, Abomasnow, Salamence, & Steelix. This team is the only one I have completed, and I've had it completed for quite a while now.
Ruby- Manectric, Sableye, Altaria, Breloom, Camerupt, & Corsola. I'm waiting on my Corsola kid in the mail, and other than that I'm finished :) As a side note, this is my favorite team because 3rd generation has my favorite Pokemon (see below, Pokemon I collect) But I'm really loving 5th gen and my 5th gen team, so Black might end up being my favorite team once I actually play it. x)
Pearl- Garchomp, Infernape, Roserade, Rotom, Weavile, & Pelipper. Pelipper is the only kid I need to complete my teams (besides Black)! If you or anyone you know of is selling it for relatively cheap, let me know please.
Black- Enbuoh, Waruvial, Burungel, Denchura, Nattorei, & Archeos. I know there aren't kids for these but I just felt like telling you my team.

There are other kids that I would like to acquire, for a different reason. I made a list of my favorite Pokemon of each type, excluding Pokemon that are in my teams or main collections, and I want those kids as well. :3 Here's the entire list, with an asterisk(*) meaning that I have the kid already and a tilde(~) meaning that I ordered it and am currently waiting for it.

Normal: Teddiursa~    THE CUTEST POKEMON EVER.
Fire: Flareon*     My favorite Eeveelution!
Fighting: Kojondo (no kid yet)       One of the most beautiful, if not, the most beautiful 5th Generation Pokemon.
Water: Hiyakkie (no kid yet)          I love this guy! His water dreadlocks are just so.... freaking amazing.
Flying: Togekiss~    I love the Togepi line, and this guy is the perfect combo of majestic, badass, and adorable.

Grass: Bellossom   She's a freaking hula dancer! C'mon now, that's pretty amazing.
Poison: Nidoqueen*    Okay, so me & monicamalice always say that she's Nidoqueen & I'm Nidoking, and we are each other's favorite poison Pokemon because we don't really like other Pokemon of that type.
Electric: Jolteon     He's got electric quills! DO YOU HAVE ELECTRIC QUILLS? I didn't think so...
Ground: Swampert*   Honestly because I love Hoenn and I love the move Muddy Water.... and I liek Mudkips. ;)
Psychic: Mr. Mime*    I think he is seriously underappreciated! I love him! He's a mime! And he's a great house cleaner.
Rock: Omastar     Another seriously underappreciated Pokemon, in my opinion. I love this guy! Fun fact: Omanyte & Omastar's beta names were Es and Kargo, respectively. Hahaha.
Bug: Heracross*         He is one of the most useful bug Pokemon in terms of battling. He's just... a bunch of awesome. 
Dragon: Dragonair           Debate-ably the most beautiful Pokemon in existance.... come on now, she's 13 feet of amazing.
Ghost: Gengar*       I actually had no love for Gengar at all until I got a Gengar plush from the thrift store that I fell in love with. So now I <3 him.
Dark: Absol*     Who doesn't love Absol, honestly? He's badass, and he's got a friggin scythe on his head!
Steel: Skarmory*   Just... so epic. He's steel/flying, just like an airplane! COME ON NOW YOU GOTTA LOVE HIM.
Legendary: Celebi*   Okay I know it's not a type, but I LOVE CELEBI SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH that I had to get him in somewhere :D

So yeah, any kid up there without an asterisk or tilde that you might know of that's for sale, hollah at me.

I'll also grab a plush of any kid that I've listed until this point, but it's not very high priority in most cases.
As for specific Pokemon, I "collect" Manectric, Swablu, and Altaria. Collect is in quotes because I have very little merchandise of these Pokemon right now... but you've gotta start somewhere, right? In the pictures below, my pathetic collections are boxed in red.

So, it's 4:30 AM and I'm getting tired, so I leave you with PICTURES WITHOUT DESCRIPTIONS BECAUSE I WANNA GET THIS POSTED.

Haha PS sorry I'm being hyper and ridiculous..... I took a nap from 6-11 today and have been up and running around since 11 and I'm running low on energy so I have to keep myself entertained somehow.....

ANYWAYS............... it's PIIIIIIIICTURE TIMEEEEEEEEEEEE. (T-shirt time? Jersey Shore, anyone?) xD

Whew! That took a lot longer than expected.... hope you guys enjoy!
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